BARO North America's Alpha H2 LED Fixtures

BARO North America introduced its next generation Alpha H2 LED family of fixtures Ba¨ro wortmarke 17.10during this year’s National Grocers Association show in Las Vegas. According to company officials, the Alpha H2 is the most powerful track based LED product line available to the North American market allowing grocers to light more with fewer fixtures. Designed specifically for supermarket lighting, the Alpha H2 has several different field changeable reflector options that match the shape of grocery cases and covers a wide range of Kelvin choices. The Alpha H2 is available in traditional track form as well as in pendant and recess options. In addition, three different wattage choices of 50, 73 and 95 watts give even greater design flexibility allowing supermarket owners to create a truly high quality LED lighting system. Also introduced during the show was BARO’s linear LED luminaire engineered for center store aisles. The Omega Z1, equipped with a highly reflective batwing reflector system, will significantly increase light levels on the shelving front while reducing energy by half when compared to a traditional fluorescent system. For more information, please email their COO, Lee Rhoades, at


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