Carlson AirFlo Introduces New AirShelf Merchandising System

carlson_air_floCarlson AirFlo, a merchandising solutions provider, announces the launch and manufacturing of its AirShelf System. This AirShelf system is a solution in response to the market’s demand for a low profile merchandising shelf, company officials say. The AirShelf is an ultra sleek, ultra flexible shelving system that becomes almost invisible, allowing the customer to see just product, with no distractions or obstructions, officials add. AirFlo's new product is designed to enhance the display items in fresh departments such as Cheese/Deli, Meat, Produce, Bakery, as well as Center Store departments, and improve category management for ease of seasonal adjustment. The benefits of AirFlo’s New AirShelf Merchandising System, as described by company officials, include: • Increases Sales: Provides high quality, unique category management for most bulk foods. • Maximize Merchandising Space: Sleek, slim profile may increase merchandising space by 10-25%, that is one additional shelf row per 4’ section. • Abundant Presentations: Abundant presentations allowing full view of product on the shelf with no obstructions or distractions. • Easy Cleaning: Removable side and front fences makes wiping the shelving effortlessly. • Lightest Shelf Available: Lightest shelf available on the market today. Designed with a 1⁄2” front thickness makes this shelf the thinnest reveal, lightest and easiest to install. • Merchandising Flexibility: 2’ Shelves allows the utmost flexibility to merchandise with no wasted space. Shelf is also available in 4’ shelves as well. • Super Slim LED lighting: Enhance presentation with our super slim LED lighting options available with AirShelf. • Ideal for All Departments: Ideal for items in fresh departments such as Cheese/Deli, Meat, Produce, Bakery, as well as Center Store departments "You can definitely see more of the product with this new AirShelf System. The 2' sections allow the department to make a small amount look good, really valuable for the ease of seasonal adjustment. Especially true with the last handful – which is really your profit. This system has a greater flexibility for a 34,000-square-foot store like us, to sell that last few without loosing that profit," says Bruce Nusbaum, Minneapolis area produce specialist. “Overall I am very pleased. I notice the difference when I see my other shelving, and when I am in other stores. The AirShelf is far superior!”


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