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According to the latest Forrester Research eCommerce forecast, online retail sales are estimated to reach more than $500 billion by 2020, up from $373 billion in 2016. With the swiftly expanding digital shelf, manufacturers, retailers and, e-commerce marketplaces are challenged with creating a consistent brand experience wherever and however consumers choose to shop - in store, online or via mobile.

To help the market meet the increasingly complex and expanding omni-channel content demand, ItemMaster, the founder and leader of creating and delivering content for the digital shelf, has entered a new content partnership with ItemMaster has been working with to make available manufacturer's Complete & Verified product records. This allows IM Certified Brand Content and additional IM Content+ branded content such as videos, commercials, and more to be made accessible to shoppers on one of the largest e-commerce shopping platforms in the world.

"Today's shoppers live seamlessly between online and offline retailers and have high expectations and demand information consistency in every aspect of their shopping experience," says Michael Murray, CEO and president of ItemMaster. "Additionally, structured product information at scale is the new minimum standard for every brand that expects to survive and thrive in the digital marketplace. As such, we're excited to provide Brand Activation support for manufacturers with content purpose-built for the 21st century. We have a long history of powering the digital shelf, and know the impact of better content on consumer satisfaction and sales. This is great for shoppers, our manufacturers and"

ItemMaster's Brand Activation Platform provides packaging for 1,700 manufacturers brands, with a current network of 82,000 items.


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