KL1 compact tablet counter

Kirby Lester announced its KL1 compact tablet counter has exceeded the company’s expectations to become the most successful product launch in the company’s four-decade history. Kirby Lester began distributing the KL1 to customers in October 2011. The KL1 was quickly adopted nationwide at chain, independent and hospital outpatient pharmacies due to its fast and accurate counting in a tiny footprint. “We hit a nerve with the KL1. Our customers tell us they have always liked our tablet counters over the years, but they simply love this new device!” says Christopher Thomsen, Vice President of Business Development. “We set out to ‘make a better mousetrap,’ and that old saying came true. Our pharmacy and manufacturing customers have beaten a path to our door.” The KL1’s universal appeal stems from several factors: The world’s smallest tablet counter (at just 6”W x 12”H, its footprint is about the same size as the old-fashioned counting tray) Fast operation (the KL1 counts 15-18 tablets per second) Unique new functions like Inventory Mode and a new tray design In 1971, Kirby Lester changed the way pharmacists dispensed medications with the introduction of the first tabletop counter. Over the next 40 years, the Kirby Lester tablet counter became a mainstay atop pharmacy dispensing stations. Each new model that Kirby Lester released (KL7, KL8, KLX and the KL15e) was an improvement over the preceding model. The new KL1 is the product of Kirby Lester’s expertise in counting accuracy, ease of use and overall efficiency. The KL1 is the company’s fifth new product launch in five years. Rivaling the KL1 for fast customer acceptance has been the Kirby Lester KL60 compact robot, which also has impressed the pharmacy industry since installations began in early 2010. Kirby Lester alone offers pharmacies a full line of options from accurate and fast tabletop counting to the industry’s only affordable, compact robotic dispenser. KL1 compact tablet counter By Kirby     


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