National Cart Introduces Series of Ecommerce Picking Carts

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National Cart introduced a series of ecommerce picking carts. Profits, productivity and flexibility continue to drive ecommerce fulfillment, company officials say. 

National Cart Company is helping traditional brick and mortar mass retailers and grocery chains across the U.S. adapt their distribution centers (DC) and stores to electronic commerce with ecommerce picking carts. The ecommerce carts are easily configurable to hold totes, bins, trays, and boxes in a variety of combinations. The carts offer seamless distribution coverage from distribution centers to truck to home, from a traditional store to customer pickup and from traditional store to parcel delivery.

“Customers are looking to us for help with solutions in their picking processes,” says National Cart Vice President of Sales, John Tigges. “The grocery industry in particular is new to online ordering within the past decade. They are trying to keep up with the competition of other large online retailers.”

The new line of carts addresses major concerns to retailers. “We work with ecommerce, procurement and engineering teams of mass retailers to manufacture custom, economical carts to fit their specific ecommerce applications,” Tigges says.

These carts focus on the main concerns retailers have with ecommerce. Ecommerce emphasizes speed and efficiency. The ecommerce picking cart offers both by providing multiple configurations, allowing pickers the ability to retrieve different sizes of items on the same cart without making additional trips. The carts design allows for work in the DC and unloading on site directly at retail outlets, but they also have the capability of picking on the retail sales floor, providing added efficiency. Value-added options including the addition of holders for tablets and scan guns further add to the cart’s productivity.

Multiple configurations of the cart provide retailers a product able to handle usage requirements. These configurations make possible solutions for handling totes, adapting to conveyor lines in a DC and as part of a truck delivery operation. Additional designs allow for customers to enjoy the convenience of curbside pick-up for their online orders, without having to step out of their cars. In other words, the cart gives retailers the flexibility to pick, organize and deliver effectively in all ecommerce settings.

Improved productivity and speed to delivery are significant reasons the ecommerce carts help in creating a profit center in distribution. However, two additional factors also assist in making the cart a profitable investment. Fatigue and injury are common issues related to picking efforts. The ecommerce cart is ergonomically designed to reduce workman’s comp claims associated with picking, loading and unloading. Its design removes a lot of lifting stress workers frequently encounter by incorporating features including ergonomic handles. Product durability also improves company profits. Its steel or aluminum construction improves resistance to damage, reducing replacement costs. The result is a very favorable return-on- investment.


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