Resonantz launches largest store decor website

With more than 600 decor and signage solutions Resonantz's new website will set an enhanced standard for the industry, say officials at the company. Retailers can now click & play and find ideas for branding entire stores or single departments. The site is designed to help retailers find solutions for their challenges in the market place. The instruments provided on the site allow retailers to, for the first time, create their own signature without time consuming and costly investments, explain officials; all images in the digital slide shows can be custom tailored and will be updated on a monthly basis. Resonantz owners and designers opened their first design and manufacturing facility in 1982 and have since served clients in different categories of the retail industry. From supermarkets to home improvement centers and convenience stores. The company also intends, based on the materials in use during the manufacturing process, to maintain its commitment to environmentally friendly business practices. Resonantz


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