Scans from all angles

Wincor Nixdorf officials say they are setting a new standard for retail customer service with the introduction of the 360 Scan Portal, a fully automatic self-checkout solution with 360-degree scanning technology. Designed for high-volume retail environments, the 360 Scan Portal speeds consumers through the checkout line, providing them with a better overall shopping experience, while greatly improving operational efficiency for retailers, say officials. “The 360 Scan Portal is a game changing concept for the future of retail self-checkout," says Oliver Weber, CEO of Wincor Nixdorf U.S. With Wincor Nixdorf’s 360 Scan Portal, customers simply place all of their items on a conveyor belt, and the advanced 360-degree scanner automatically reads the barcodes at up to 60 items per minute—roughly twice the speed of conventional checkout systems. Customers do not need to ensure bar codes are facing a specific direction, as the 360 Scan Portal locates and scans multiple barcodes automatically with 98 percent accuracy. Items without a readable barcode and age-restricted items are instantly photographed for manual scanning by a checkout attendant. Company officials say that the significant improvements it makes to in-store productivity, the 360 Scan Portal enables retailers to deploy in-store personnel with greater flexibility to increase customer service levels in other areas of the store, in some cases repurposing up to 60 percent of traditional checkout staff for more one-on-one customer interaction, which ultimately builds long-term customer loyalty. 360 Scan Portal by


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