Sustainable, recyclable dunnage racks evolve to meet industry needs

Allergen Awareness product line addresses need for “safe spaces” in restaurants
masonways dunnage racks
Photograph courtesy of Masonways Indestructible Plastics, LLC

Allergy awareness is important to the food industry. The most effective way to prevent cross contamination during food preparation is to use separate prep areas and utensils for non-allergen foods; creating a “safe space.” This way, kitchen teams can feel confident that the meals they prepare are safe for customers to enjoy. MasonWays responded to this need by developing its Allergen Awareness Purple Dunnage Racks. Their purple hue indicates that a specific tool or piece of cookware is not to be used with any one of the eight most common allergens: Milk; eggs; peanuts; tree nuts; wheat; soy; fish; and shellfish.

Dunnage racks are the perfect platform to store perishable and non-perishable food items, as the elevated racks keep them safe, secure and off the floor to prevent health department fines. MasonWays has many sizes to fit space requirements. These units are also NSF-approved and heavy-duty, perfect for larger bulky items.

MasonWays dunnage racks are super sanitary and manufactured in the USA with UV-protected, anti-microbial, USDA-approved polyethylene plastic. Sustainable, recyclable plastic dunnage racks are compliant with the grocery industry standards for sanitation against foodborne illnesses, and also do not rust. These products carry a 10-year warranty and will not corrode from food acids. They are impervious to weather, chemicals and cleaners, and are economically priced and easy to clean. Their one-piece, seamless construction has smooth corners for safety, and units are temperature resistant from -20° to 180°, making them ideal for use in coolers, freezers, backrooms and food preparation areas. They are also ideal for storage or display use and are available in colors to easily implement a color-coding system to mitigate cross contamination. What’s more, they can be color-matched to a store’s interior, and logos, branding and graphics are also available.  

 For over 35 years MasonWays Indestructible Plastics has been producing the largest selection of rotational molded, recycled plastic dunnage racks, bases, display fixtures and forecourt products in North America. The company’s manufacturing process uses an advanced "no-seam" construction technology that is durable and is economically priced, and there are more than 85 base sizes to choose from produced with substantial USDA approved recyclable materials.

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