Zero Zone Introduces Edge XT Distributed System

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Zero Zone, Inc. has introduced the Edge XT Distributed System, an outdoor version of its Edge Distributed System line.

Distributed refrigeration systems are used by small retail format stores that do not require a large refrigeration rack to cool the small number of refrigerated display cases and walk-ins in their facilities. Distributed systems are also very popular with larger supermarket chains, who prefer several smaller distributed systems rather than pumping all the refrigerant through one or two very large systems, say company officials. The decreased refrigerant charge of smaller distributed systems minimizes environmental impact for the retailer.

“Since its introduction in 2008, the indoor Edge Distributed System has been a go-to work horse for food retailers who wanted to have the convenience of a compact refrigeration system located in a back room of their stores," says Carl Petersen, marketing and advertising manager for Zero Zone. "We now give them that same option, but for placement outdoors, either on the roof or on a concrete pad behind the store.”

Available with either scroll or reciprocating compressors, the Edge XT can be used to help optimize operating efficiency and conserve space within the store. Durable hinged doors allow for easy access and help protect the equipment. A weather-tight control panel and a sturdy galvanized exterior ensure that the Edge XT will deliver many years of reliable service.

The Edge XT also features integrated condenser coils, available in either micro-channel or ‘fin & tube’ varieties. Easy- access top-mount fans are available with single speed or variable speed ECM motors.


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