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3 ways to encourage spontaneous purchases at the grocerant

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Now that shoppers feel more comfortable taking their time in stores, browsing is back—and grocerant shopping habits have changed as a result. According to Technomic’s March 2021 Supermarket Foodservice Consumer Marketbrief, unplanned purchases of grocery store foodservice have been seeing a gradual increase with each quarter, starting in Q3 2020.

In other words, shoppers are growing more lenient with their grocery lists, and they’re willing to add a prepared item or two to the cart if it catches their eye. For retailers, this means that boosting the “curb appeal” of foodservice offerings can make a big difference in encouraging spontaneous purchases. Offering cheeses from premium brands such as Schuman Cheese is a great way to encourage impulse cheese purchases.

So how can retailers make their grocerant the impulse-buy hotspot of the store? Here are three key strategies.

1. Keep it comforting

For shoppers to purchase a foodservice offering on a whim, they need to know that they’ll like whatever they’re bringing home. Comfort foods, such as cheesy pizzas, pastas and casseroles, offer a broad appeal that can win over most any consumer.

Keeping it classic doesn’t mean retailers can’t get creative, however.

Add a fun twist with craveable toppings (such as bacon and french-fried onions) and upgraded ingredients. High-quality cheeses from premium sources like Schuman can add some “wow” factor while keeping the menu familiar. Even with a wide range of cheeses, including those for an elevated charcuterie plate, Schuman also carries what you need for a comforting mac and cheese, plus global favorites, like Greek, Italian, and Mexican dishes.

2. Call out quality

Shoppers want great value whenever they shop, and the grocerant is no exception. This goes beyond pricing; many consumers judge value by the quality of the product alongside the cost.

Adding a premium cheese to a standby recipe can be a simple and cost-effective way for grocers to up the quality without eating into margins or complicating prep work for kitchen staff. For example, an artisan Parmesan can elevate a classic baked ziti in a snap, and a quality mascarpone brings in extra richness to indulgent desserts. For example, Schuman offers specialty imports such as Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano, to afford an extra-upscale experience. Choosing a high-quality cheese from Schuman is a great way to elevate just about any recipe.

3. Offer authenticity

In a similar vein, authentic ingredients can help pique shoppers’ interest as they pass through the grocerant. Calling out authenticity lets the shopper understand the expert, artisan process by which the cheeses are made, a factor many consumers agree they’d be willing to pay premium prices for. That’s why brands such as Schuman are a powerhouse to have in your cheese aisle. Domestic pricing and authentic process creates quality at a great value.

Whatever way you choose to encourage spontaneous purchasing, you can count on Schuman to deliver what you need: cubes, shreds, grated, shaved, chisels, wedges and beyond. So, upgrading to a premium cheese can even mean less work behind the scenes. Schuman offers expertise so that every grocerant kitchen can make the most of their recipes and Cheese Confidently.

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