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Arla Foods Kicks Off National Grilled Cheese Month With New Medium Cheddar Slices

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Arla Foods has launched a new campaign for National Grilled Cheese Month in April with 12 days of social giveaways and activities. The campaign leads up to National Grilled Cheese Day on April 12 when one Arla follower will receive a grand prize giveaway of a year’s worth of cheese.

Arla has also introduced its new Medium Cheddar slices, joining its lineup of grilled cheese-ready sliced varieties including Havarti, Gouda, Fontina and Muenster. Available at grocery retailers nationwide, Arla's fewer-ingredient offerings are free from added rBST growth hormones, artificial flavors and artificial preservatives.

"American's eat more than 2 billion grilled cheese sandwiches each year1," says Don Stohrer Jr., CEO of Arla Foods. "We want to support that and celebrate this holiday by having fun with our 12-day countdown and by introducing new, great-tasting grilled cheese recipe ideas."

12 Days of Grilled Cheese 

The 12-day countdown to National Grilled Cheese Day (April 12) consists of all things grilled cheese, from a grilled cheese party piñata to grilled cheese lockets and cheesy holiday sweaters. Social media giveaways will be awarded to participating Arla social media followers. A selection of the planned giveaways include:

  • Grilled cheese locket of love:

Arla will be giving away golden lockets that feature a photo of the winner on one side and a grilled cheese on the other. Five winners will be announced.

  • Cheesy sweater giveaway:

One winner will receive a tacky grilled cheese holiday sweater featuring a hand-knitted grilled cheese sandwich.

  • 365 days of grilled cheese:

One Arla follower will win enough cheese to make a grilled cheese sandwich every day for a year. To win, followers must share how much they love grilled cheese and how they are celebrating for Grilled Cheese Day in a creative way.



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