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Australia’s Mode Drinks Brings Coco Fresco into US Coco Water Industry

Estimated to reach $1 billion by 2015, the coconut water market is one of the fastest growing beverage industries in the United States. This growth comes as the demand for natural and healthy food and beverage alternatives continues to rise. Australia-based Mode Drinks enters the US coconut water industry with its all-natural, Coco Fresco Pure Coconut Water. image002Known among healthy beverage drinkers as a guilt-free natural energy drink, Coco Fresco is produced in premium batches that guarantee a pure and delicious taste, company officials say. “We have invested in perfecting the unique taste of Coco Fresco in Natural, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Passion Fruit flavors,” says Tim Xenos, president and CEO of Mode Drinks, the parent company of Coco Fresco. “While many coconut water drinks have an unpleasant taste and oftentimes slimy texture, Coco Fresco has a natural but flavorful taste that can be enjoyed by the discerning palate of coconut water fans and those of all ages looking for a delicious, refreshing beverage. Contributing to its taste, Coco Fresco is made purely from green coconuts. Unlike other coconut water drinks that mix the milky juice of aged brown coconuts with the green coconut water, Coco Fresco is sourced and made from young and fresh green coconuts. Coco Fresco’s fresh green coconuts are picked at the best age in Southeast Asia’s tropical forests to extract the sweet coconut water that is fat- and cholesterol-free, rich in potassium, and naturally full of electrolytes. For the weight-conscious, Coco Fresco contains no added sugar—providing a great tasting beverage in a low-calorie drink. “Addressing the high demand for natural and healthy beverages, Coco Fresco offers an all-natural, refreshing coconut water that tastes delicious, has significantly less sugar, and provides the natural health benefits of coconuts,” Xenos adds. Compared to typical sports drinks, Coco Fresco has fewer calories, less sodium and less sugar, making it a healthy hydration choice for those who keep active. Beautifully bottled in appealing and eco-friendly glass packaging, Coco Fresco comes in four all-natural, low-calorie flavors:  Natural, Strawberry, Watermelon and Passion Fruit.



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