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California Avocado Commission's New Campaign Targets 'Super Users'

Ads spotlight key markets, retailers where CAC crops are in distribution

The California Avocado Commission (CAC) has launched a fresh advertising campaign for this year’s California avocado season, which kicks off in April.

taste of California

The initiative focuses on key markets and retailers where California avocados are in distribution, and targets s0-called super users of avocados who drive category sales. Combining print, outdoor and in-store radio with digital and audio advertising, online content and social media, the campaign is designed to be flexible and customizable to support participating retailers. CAC is also offering outdoor “wild postings” to encourage consumers to engage by taking selfies with the graphics and sharing on their social channels.

“CAC’s advertising is focused to reach avocado consumers and customized for retailers who merchandise California avocados,” said Jan DeLyser, CAC VP of marketing, in a statement. “The messaging is designed to increase the value and preference for and loyalty to California avocados in season.”

CAC will continue its Made of California marketing campaign with new creative and customized marketing plans, including print and outdoor ads with fresh illustrations specific to the markets in which they will appear, showcasing how close fresh California avocados are grown to consumers in those areas. In areas outside of California, CAC ads will promote A Taste of California, featuring complementary content with multiple digital partners including Tasty, which will highlight “iconic California” recipes.

“This year’s campaign has multiple firsts: the first retail produce activation with Tasty branding on California avocado display bins, a custom California mixtape on Pandora and branded playlist on Spotify, as well as sponsorship of premium events such as Disney California Adventure’s Food and Wine Festival,” said DeLyser.

Other key activities this season include California Avocado month in June, promotions for American summer holidays from Memorial Day through Labor Day, targeted events and co-marketing programs. CAC will also continue to work with chefs, bloggers and dietitians to encourage consumers to take full advantage of the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the region. The content is designed to promote the dynamic flavors and texture that come from fresh produce at its peak.



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