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Case Ready Proteins Offer Big Benefits to Grocers

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With the recent shift in how consumers are shopping, the need for quick-prep, high-quality foods to ease the stress at home is more crucial now than ever. One way grocers can ease the burden on consumers is with pre-portioned, case ready beef and pork. Here’s how they can help with sales.

Consistent pricing

When buying bulk meats, grocers will pay variable market pricing per pound. But with case ready beef and pork, retailers get the benefit of paying a flat cost per piece. And because case ready proteins are priced all the same, grocers don’t need to spend time in the back portioning out meats, trimming cuts and packaging each one individually. 

By offering portioned, case ready proteins, grocers make it easy for their customers to plan ahead and monitor their budgets to the cent—and feel confident in the value they’re getting every time.

Reliable freshness and a longer shelf life

Another way case ready proteins benefit grocers is with reliable freshness and a longer shelf life. With a longer shelf-life, case ready meats can result in less waste in the meat department—by only thawing the amount needed for a day’s sales, there’s less waste, and in turn, cost savings.  By limiting the amount of waste, case ready beef and pork not only offers retailers a low-labor, convenient option, but also one that saves them money.

Reduced waste from trimming

Similarly, because pre-portioned meats don’t require any trimming like bulk product does, there’s no waste—and that saves grocers and consumers money. Beyond cost savings, though, pre-cut portioned meats offer a more sustainable option. Because there’s no waste associated with them, consumers know they are using only what they need and aren’t throwing anything out.

Time and labor savings

With case ready proteins, grocers spend less time on labor—so there’s more time to spend with customers, advising them on cuts of meat, offering recipe inspiration and building relationships. Instead of spending hours each day in the back cutting bulk meats into family-friendly packages, retailers need only restock the cases.  By spending more time with shoppers, meat sellers can encourage incremental sales in the meat department, but also in other areas of the store—by suggesting popular packaged foods to go with the meal, suggesting a wine pairing and more.

Consider the store-wide benefits of case ready beef and pork

Offering high quality, case ready meats from a reputable supplier such as Tyson Fresh Meats can bring many benefits to grocers who are serving busy, convenience-seeking consumers. From consistent pricing that makes it easy for stores to determine consumer cost; to a longer shelf life and no trimming reducing the amount of waste; and saving meat department workers time, case ready beef and pork offer big benefits to retailers—and their customers. To learn more about the variety of case ready meats available from Tyson Fresh Meats, visit today.

This post is sponsored by Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc.


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