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Chabaso Introduces Five New Breads, One for Every Weekday

Chabaso_I_BSandwich eaters, lunch makers, meal planners, homemakers and, especially, all bread lovers, now have a few new reasons to celebrate. Chabaso Bakery, one of America's favorite artisan bread bakers, has introduced five hand-crafted artisan sandwich breads, each one specially flavored and slow-baked to provide a new taste.   All five of the loaves – Rustic White, Oat, Multi-Grain, Rye and 100% Whole Wheat –have the authentic quality and all-natural attributes of other Chabaso artisan breads. They are made with wholesome and nutritious ingredients and most contain an abundance of whole grains, company officials say. All have distinct flavors, thin, crispy, slightly chewy and golden brown crusts, and moist and airy interiors. According to company officials, the Rustic White loaf is a good source of iron and the 100% Whole Wheat loafis a good source of fiber with 25 grams of whole grains per slice. Rye has 9g and Multi-Grain 10g whole grains per serving. An added benefit of Chabaso’s new Artisan Sandwich Breads is multi-day freshness.  Each of the five new sandwich breads will stay fresh and delicious longer, officials add.


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