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Costco, Bashas' Roll Out In-Store Meal Kits

Bashas' has introduced True Chef Meal Kits in 47 of its stores throughout Arizona, and Costco will also debut the new line across the Texas area.

Unlike mail-order meal kits, True Chef, a service provided by consumer packaged goods company True Food Innovations, offer customers local options without the need to sign up for a subscription service or disposing of excess packaging. 

The meal kits feature chicken, pork and beef entrees that contain all of the necessary ingredients and step-by-step instructions for shoppers to make the meals at home. 

"The convenience and flexibility of being able to hand-select the meal kit you want, when you want it, and purchase it at your local Bashas' is a big draw for customers who don't want to be locked into a weekly service," Robert Jones, president of True Food Innovations, said in a news release. "Many shoppers want the ease of a meal kit but want to be able to make a spontaneous decision about dinner that night, and are already planning a trip to a Bashas' store for other items. Our True Chef Meal Kits are the perfect solution."  

The meal kits are specifically designed for the retail market. They feature patent-pending formulations and have up to a 30-day shelf life, thanks to high-pressure processing (HPP). True Food Innovations utilizes the cold-processing technology at its 60,000-square-foot HPP processing facility in Southern California to preserve the kits' quality and nutrients without the need for additives.


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