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Crunch Pak Strikes Licensing Deal with the New York Yankees

CP_Yankees products_smCrunch Pak joins Yankee Global Enterprises as a Yankee licensee. As part of the new relationship, Crunch Pak products featuring the Yankee logo will be sold in select grocery stores in the Northeast. The apple packs will be available in select premium locations in Yankee Stadium. “Health and wellness is an important initiative for the Yankees organization overall,” says Tony Freytag, senior vice president of sales and marketing. “We couldn’t be more excited to enter a new arena – literally – as our sliced apples will be sold throughout the Yes Viewing network. “It is encouraging as both a consumer and a producer, to see how more and more venues are offering a broader selection of healthy snacks for fans.” Crunch Pak is tentatively planning to offer three products with the Yankees logo to be sold at retail beginning this summer:  A 2-ounce bag for snacking; two versions of the company’s Snackers snack tray and a 14-ounce bag. Crunch Pak will also feature the products on its electronic billboard located in New York City’s Time Square. Crunch Pak’s long-term plan is to work with additional professional sports teams to create branded products that will be sold in the teams’ respective regions throughout the country. “It’s a beautiful day for baseball and we are looking forward to a homerun season,” Freytag says. “This is a great way to bring America’s favorite snack – sliced apples, to America’s favorite pastime.”



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