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Drive Sales Among Younger Shoppers by Offering Global Flavor Inspiration

Global cuisines are increasingly popular at restaurants, and consumer preferences are crossing over to retail now, too. According to Technomic’s recent Global Food & Beverage Consumer Trend Report, 55% of consumers in 2020 ordered global foods at least once a month from grocery prepared-foods sections compared to 47% in 2018—and that trend is likely to continue upward.

For retailers looking to boost sales specifically among younger shoppers, the key will be to encourage shoppers to try out foods and dishes that incorporate ingredients they are already familiar with, but ones that also include global flavors. Fruits, in particular, are an easy gateway for consumers to try new flavors and preparation methods. Watermelon, for instance, is used in an array of global cuisines—not just summertime fruit salad—and can be positioned as such to encourage purchases among adventurous shoppers and consumers looking to try something new. Try posting recipe flyers near watermelon displays that allow shoppers to take a recipe card to try out, or send digital recipe newsletters that feature their favorite fruit. Need some inspiration about what types of recipes watermelon is great in? Try these:

  • Watermelon poke bowls

Poke, a raw fish salad that’s been trending for a few years now, is a perfect way to incorporate watermelon into a global dish. Watermelon’s fresh, juicy flavor pairs perfectly with delicate fish such as ahi tuna, and other ingredients such as avocado enhance the dish overall. Place signage near the store’s sushi bar, in the seafood department and, of course, near the watermelon, to encourage shoppers to try this easy dish at home.

  • Italian-style watermelon bruschetta

A refreshing twist on a classic appetizer, watermelon bruschetta trades the traditional tomatoes for watermelon and pairs with it rosemary, feta cheese and extra virgin olive oil for a juicy, flavorful prelude to an Italian meal. Get the full recipe here!

  • Shrimp watermelon sate

For Thai food lovers, this dish is not to be missed. Poached, chilled shrimp is skewered alongside watermelon, then topped with a craveable peanut satay sauce made with peanut butter, rice vinegar, garlic, ginger, soy sauce and hot pepper sauce (optional). Garnish with fresh basil and serve as an around-the-world option for a light yet tasty lunch or dinner.

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