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Evergreen Kosher Market Generates Excitement With ‘Wall-to-Fork’ Produce Wall

Geoponic 'wall' allows customers to pick own produce
Evergreen Market produce wall
Photograph courtesy of Evergreen Kosher Market

Evergreen Kosher Market in Monsey, N.Y., is getting customers excited about fresh greens with a novel presentation: a 20-foot-high geoponic “wall farm” that allows customers to “pick” their own produce.

The array of organic lettuce, kale, arugula, basil and cilantro is grown on Evergreen’s on-site farm in soil that is never exposed to insect infestations—a major concern of kosher consumers—and is Star-K kosher certified. The wall-grown produce also has freshness appeal and a longer shelf life because it goes directly from the soil to customers’ shopping baskets. 

The produce tower, installed by Israel-based Vertical Field, has a controlled, sterile environment with soil beds that are enriched with a proprietary mix of minerals and nutrients. High-tech sensors monitor, irrigate and fertilize the crops throughout every growth stage. Soil-based vertical farming yields a new crop every few days, ensuring that fresh greens and herbs are available year-round.


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