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Finlandia Cheese Brings Consumers to Faraway Land

Philosopher46X30R8.inddFinlandia Cheese debuts a multi-faceted advertising and marketing campaign with a new theme and tagline: Finlandia – Where Cheese Reigns. The campaign depicts the mythical land of Finlandia, a land whose entire way of life is based around the creation of the world’s finest cheeses. The new campaign created by New York City-based Barton F. Gaf 9000 uses medieval imagery and characters help communicate the tradition of craft and quality.

The characters featured in the campaign include Flavor Philosopher, Flavor Caretaker, the Cheese Masochist, the Cheese Rogue, the Cheese Watchman, Cheese Gladiator and the Cheese Dunce. The campaign is targeted to adults, ages 35-64, who are college educated and look for quality cheeses with robust flavors, say company officials.  Finlandia Cheese is the U.S. face of Valio, a brand that hails from the Nordic Republic of Finland; the company hopes the new multi-faceted ad campaign will help spread the word about the quality Finlandia cheeses available in the U.S. “We think the campaign will demonstrate what Finlandia Cheese is really about,” says Gerry Graf, President of Barton F. Graf  9000. “Finlandia is so delicious and flavorful and that is due to the dedication of the company to the cheese making process. We want to bring that to life in the Land of Finlandia campaign.” The campaign will run across multiple platforms in the Northeast to include: radio, out-of-home, transit, phone kiosks, promotional contests, Facebook, in-store, web and social media.


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