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Flavorful New Variety of Winter Squash is Back in Season

ButterkinButterkin, a flavorful new variety of winter squash developed for its distinctive flavor and texture, is back in season for a limited time. The harvest for Butterkin started in September and the squash is now available in parts of the U.S. and Canada with supplies expected to last through November.

Introduced last year by SEEDWAY, Butterkin measures about 6- to 7.5-inches in diameter and weighs between 2- to 4-pounds. Butterkin’s perfect blend of sweet and buttery flavors is a great addition to soups, pastas, pies and salads, company officials say; adding that its creamy and smooth texture makes it extremely versatile and excellent for baking, roasting, steaming and even grilling.

“The feedback from the growers has been positive so we’re excited about the upcoming Butterkin season,” says Dean Cotton, vegetable seed business manager at SEEDWAY. “We know consumers will love this new winter squash for its great flavor and see it gaining popularity over the next few years as more people are exposed to it.”

Butterkin growers include Holthouse, Ohio; Meidema, Mich.; Riverside Farms, Minn.; Smith Farms, Wash.; Sunnyside Produce, Calif.; and Vierra Farms, Calif.

Butterkin is positioned to be a premium and profitable squash, officials add, and will be supported at retail with a marketing program, which includes a PLU sticker and point of sale signage.



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