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Frieda’s Specialty Produce Names Top 5 2020 Trends

Sour with a sweet finish, mocktails among top two
Photograph courtesy of Frieda's

Frieda’s Specialty Produce, known for spotting trends such as veggies for dessert and unicorn food, has updated its predictions for 2020 to help retailers make room for what’s hot.

“We are in the fields with our growers and in the kitchens with our chefs,” said Cindy Sherman, director of marketing and innovation. “We dive deep into our consumer research to identify real changes in behavior vs. the fads that are here today, gone tomorrow.”

2020 Trends

Zero-Proof Is 100% On
Formerly known as mocktails, virgin drinks and Shirley Temples are having a moment. Mixologists are inventing new produce-driven, refreshingly delicious combinations such as kumquat and fennel smash, plum shrub ginger soda and Freida’s red dragon fruit refresher.

Mood From Your Food
Produce for Better Health Foundation has researched the impact more fruit and vegetables can have on mood. As many as 68% of people who consumed fruits and vegetables regularly reported feeling happier than those who consume less. Produce really is the key to a happier life, the proof is Frieda’s own CEO Karen Caplan who has gone vegan.

Kids Menus Grow Up
Move over mac and cheese. More elevated foods are being incorporated into kids plates, including quinoa, salmon, veggie tots and fruit-infused waters. Since restaurants set the trends, be prepared for kid foods 2.0 such as Stokes Purple sweet potatoes, colored cauliflower, watermelon radish and dragon fruit to become new favorites.

Food Meets Fashion
The design schematic of ombre, color fading from dark to light, has been all the rage in fashion and beauty and is now hitting food. First spotted in cakes (like dark pink to light pink), ombre is picking up steam in restaurant plating, including dishes such as cheese plates and layered desserts. Ombre is ripe as a produce merchandising trend.

Pucker Up
The time for tart is now. Envision sour with a sweet finish, and experiment with tamarind, finger limes and limequats.


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