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Get Hopped Up On Anchorhead Coffee’s Refreshing New Cold Brew Flavor, Perfect for the Summer Season

Anchorhead_ColdbrewAnchorhead Coffee, a specialty roasting and brewing company, is adding a new Hopped Cold Brew to its product lineup. Using fresh Citra hops to flavor the premium slow-brewed coffee, the Hopped Cold Brew uses the company’s fair-trade house blend, Narwhal, as its base. The unsweetened beverage is then steeped with hops to layer in natural citrus and floral aromas, creating a perfect, non-alcoholic drink for beer and coffee lovers alike, company officials say. “Brewing just outside of Seattle, the combination of coffee and beer was a natural one to play around with–and, being a small operation, we like to experiment in the warehouse,” says Mike Steiner, co-founder of Anchorhead Coffee. “We focus on sourcing the freshest beans and pulling the best flavors out of them, whether that’s during the roasting process or by pairing the brew with other natural flavors, like Citra hops.” The cold brew process, which brews the coffee at room temperature for roughly 20 hours, reduces the acidity and delivers a smoother and–simply put–more drinkable version of iced coffee, officials add. Rather than forcing the flavor out with heat, cold brew slowly extracts the fruity, floral and sometimes savory flavors over time, similar to the time-honored Southern tradition of brewing sun tea. Anchorhead Coffee packages the ready-to-drink cold brew in 12-ounce glass bottles that evoke a feeling of summer Americana, with a U.S. flag printed on the cap. Retailing for $3.99 MSRP, Anchorhead Coffee’s Cold Brew varieties are sold at select QFC, PCC, Metropolitan Market, and Whole Foods stores across the Northwest, and can be shipped nationwide from the online store “As much as I love coffee, a hot latte or cup of drip doesn’t always sound good in the summer, so we knew it was important to get it on shelves this season,” says Jake Paulson, the other half of Anchorhead Coffee’s founding team. “But, this isn’t a limited-edition or seasonal product. Both the Hopped and Original Cold Brew are amazing with egg nog, coffee liqueurs and other fall or winter drinks, so we are looking forward to showing people the versatility of cold brew coffee.”  



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