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Grapple Apples Now Available in Tart Flavor

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Grapple brand apples, will debut a tart apple flavor at the PMA Fresh Summit Exposition in Orlando, Fla., which will be held Oct. 14-16. Beginning in mid-October, tart Grapples will be offered along with continued production of the sweet Grapple product line, in bright new packaging designed to spark enthusiasm and boost product sales.

According to Todd Snyder, president of Grapple Fruits, strong sales of the original Grapple product as well as direct feedback from consumers led to the creation of the new tart apple product. “We’ve had so many consumers tell us they love Grapples, but their kids want tart apples,” says Snyder. “We tested our new tart Grapples directly with children and the results were overwhelmingly positive.”

Snyder says that because Grapple shoppers are loyal, big-ticket shoppers, the expansion of the Grapple line will make the brand even more valuable to retailers. “Loyalty card basket analysis shows that Grapple buyers are not only loyal, they are also strong shoppers for high value products like deli cheeses, expensive cuts of meat, fine wines and other large transaction items. Grapple brand apples are a key item in satisfying these shoppers and building transaction size.”

With both sweet and tart Grapples now available, CMI Orchards and Rainier Fruit Company are anticipating strong sales starting this Fall and building over the winter months. Packing is now underway and Grapple are available now to ship to customers

Aaron DeHerrera of Rainier Fruit Company says supermarket chains and consumers will be less likely to miss the opportunity because Grapples will have multiple facings on the shelf. “There really is no product substitute for Grapples,” says DeHerrera. “When Grapples sell out, there is no alternative product for consumers so shoppers are forced to either completely forego a purchase or drive to a competing chain to find them.”

Steve Lutz, vice president of marketing for CMI Orchards says every retailer is aware of how new varieties in the apple category have amplified sales. “Like new apple varieties, the data indicates our new tart Grapple product will be highly successful in capturing the interest of shoppers keen try something new, while attracting past customers to repurchase Grapples.”

Snyder says both the original sweet Grapple apples and the new tart Grapple apples will be unveiled and available for sampling at the PMA Fresh Summit.


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