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Health a Key Factor for Buying Plant-Based Dairy, Meat Products: Acosta

Study finds 40% of today’s shoppers are purchasing these alternatives
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Many of today’s shoppers cite health as their key motivating factor for purchasing plant-based meat and/or dairy products, according to new research from Acosta.

Seeking to explore consumers’ increased interest in these meat and dairy alternatives, Acosta used its Shopper Community to survey shoppers in March for its Plant-Based Eating: Trend or Fad? report.

The integrated sales and marketing services provider found 40% of today’s shoppers bought plant-based meat and/or dairy products within the last six months, with more than half (60%) purchasing plant-based products several times a month.

“Consumers’ focus on healthy living increased significantly since the onset of COVID-19,” said Kathy Risch, SVP of Business Intelligence for Acosta. “Larger conversations about the importance of health and wellness have alerted many consumers to the potential long-term benefits of meat and dairy alternatives, and plant-based product sales are rising as a result.

“The Plant Based Foods Association reported $7.4 billion dollars in plant-based sales in 2021, a 37% increase from 2019. We expect to see steady growth in this category through the next decade, as consumer awareness continues to expand,” Risch continued.

Growth will likely come from the 47% of plant-based buyers who say they intend to consume plant-based alternatives throughout their lives. Meanwhile, nearly 20% of plant-based buyers say they follow a fully plant-based lifestyle.

Acosta’s report also found that 77% of consumers buy plant-based foods at traditional grocery stores and 20% buy plant-based foods online. About 33% of all U.S. shoppers, however, claim to perceive plant-based foods as a fad. 


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