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Meijer Rolls Out Flexible Meal Kits

Concept aims to cut down on meal prep time without hindering creativity

Meijer debuted a line of pre-prepped "mirepoix-esque" Meal Inspiration kits in an effort to engage shoppers in the fresh aisles and play into the convenience trend.

Meal kits have been a hot topic in the grocery world of late, but this new option allows consumers to be creative in their meals without having to face the tedious task of chopping onions. The kits also encourage shoppers to pick up other items, such as proteins, that will be used in their meal creation, further encouraging basket building. 

Officials said Meijer chefs came up with the idea for the kits when testing new soup recipes, and realized it was an opportunity to cut down on time spent dicing vegetables. 

"One of the challenges that many at-home cooks find draining is the time that goes into meal prepping," Meijer officials said in a statement. "Meal Inspiration kits are designed to inspire at-home chefs to create their own unique recipes."

Each of the four new Meal Inspiration kits offers three recipes included on the peel-away label. The recipes call for minimal additional ingredients, and each recipe is ready in under 40 minutes with no chopping of vegetables.

Meijer also recently introduced four new vegetable kits called Roasters that are made for roasting, and can, according to officials, be paired with the new Inspiration products to create a complete meal. 

The Meal Inspiration flavors include: 



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