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National Watermelon Promotion Board Launches New Digital Campaign

'Watermelon on the Go' highlights the fruit’s portability for summer snacking
Photo courtesy of the National Watermelon Promotion Board

The National Watermelon Promotion Board (NWPB) has launched its newest digital marketing initiative, targeting busy and active consumers during the summer months.

The “Watermelon on the Go” campaign aims to highlight the fruit as the “perfect portable companion.” The company’s digital hub features 18 new Tasty-style how-to videos—delivered in 60 seconds or less—for prepping watermelon sticks, cubes, rinds and juice, designed to easily accompany consumers during travel and excursions.

“With our Watermelon on the Go campaign, we’re showing consumers how easy it is to pack the taste of summer into a multitude of watermelon recipes fit for picnic blankets, beach snacks or grab-and-go breakfasts,” Stephanie Barlow, senior director of communications for NWPB, said in a statement.

The campaign will also feature a social media component beginning July 9, when 25 influencers will lead a conversation via the hashtag #WatermelonOnTheGo to provide consumers with additional recipe inspiration. The campaign can be found across NWPB’s social channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.

Winter Springs, Fla.-based National Watermelon Promotion Board was founded in 1989 with a mission to increase consumer demand for watermelon through promotion, research and education programs. The company is funded through a self-mandated industry assessment paid by more than 1,500 watermelon producers, handlers and importers.


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