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Pear Bureau Northwest Launches Fresh Consumer Ads

USAPEARS-WantItSweet-v1Pear Bureau Northwest (USA Pears) is launching a consumer advertising campaign this season, using print ads to help boost pear consumption and increase the total number of pear consumers. Ads for USA Pears will be featured in Bon Appétit, Cooking Light, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Weight Watchers Magazine and Food Network Magazine, reaching more than 20 million in combined circulation. Running from October 2014 through the end of February 2015, the campaign emphasizes the importance of ripening with the tagline: “Want it sweet? Check the neck to know it’s ripe.” The colorful, striking ad creative features fresh pears replacing typical dessert offerings, with a Green Anjou pear on an ice cream cone, a Red Anjou pear in a cupcake paper and a Bosc pear on a cake stand. The bright artwork emphasizes the appeal of fresh pears and gives the campaign an iconic feel. Readers will learn more about ripening at the bottom of the ad, with a call to visit for recipes. "Our research has shown that we’ve increased the number of shoppers who know how to tell when a pear is ripe, which is the key to flavor," says Kevin D. Moffitt, president and CEO. "We’re continuing to expand upon that success with this advertising campaign, which will attract and excite consumers, inspire healthier choices, and increase pear consumption." This campaign replaces previous creative that ran for three seasons in a successful campaign through various print and digital ads. Expanding upon that initial success, the current campaign will run for three to five years in print magazines as well as online in digital ads. The campaign targets the typical pear consumer: women aged 25 - 54 with average household incomes of $50k+, who may or may not have children, according to officials.



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