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PMA: Ready Pac is Showcasing New Fresh Items

Ready Pac Food’s quest for innovation has once again proven successful, as evidenced by another nomination for their stand-out peel and reseal packaging at this year’s Fresh Summit, note company officials. Clear Lam Packaging and Ready Pac Foods’ packaging submission has been selected as a finalist for the 2013 PMA Impact Award: Excellence in Packaging. This Peel and Reseal Clamshell Tray is a consumer and environmentally friendly development which sets a new standard for salad packaging. It is easy to open and keeps lettuce fresh while using 1/3 less plastic – allowing for an extra layer on each pallet during transport – and helps Ready Pac to reduce their carbon footprint when distributing to retailers. PMA Impact Award winners will be announced on Friday, October 18th during the Friday Brunch General Session at the PMA “Say Hello to the Future” Fresh Summit in New Orleans. Ready Pac will exhibit at the Summit, hosting a booth themed Ready Pac – Innovation for the Fresh Future. Ready Pac is introducing two new nutrient-dense line extensions, the Baby Kale Blend Bagged Salad and the Baby Kale Turkey Cranberry Bistro Bowl, both of which will be featured for the first time during the Summit. The Ready Pac Baby Kale Blend Bagged Salad features nutrient-rich baby kale in a blend with baby spinach, baby arugula and chard, and the Ready Pac Baby Kale Turkey Cranberry Bistro Bowl is the latest line extension within Bistro Classic Bowls. This complete salad bowl features baby kale, diced turkey, sliced almonds, whole cranberries and red apple poppyseed dressing. “Our Baby Kale Blend Bagged Salad is perfect for people who have a clear idea of how they want to prepare their kale dish, while our Baby Kale Turkey Cranberry Bistro Bowl gives consumers a helping hand in reaping the health benefits of kale when they’re pressed for time or don’t want to hassle with finding the right salad recipe,” says Tristan Simpson, Senior Marketing Director and Corporate Communications for Ready Pac. “We’ve talked to many consumers who say that new superfoods like Kale can be intimidating because recipes and uses aren’t as intuitive as traditional lettuce. We are confident we can capture an entirely new audience with our Baby Kale Turkey Cranberry Bistro Bowl because consumers can enjoy the awesome health benefits without the hassle of the recipe research and preparation.” By showcasing their innovation from both a culinary and a packaging standpoint, Ready Pac has clearly proven itself to be the trendsetter of the packaged salad industry – and what better place to celebrate their forward-thinking triumphs than by “Saying Hello to the Future” at this year’s PMA Fresh Summit.



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