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Produce for Better Health Debuts ‘Have a Plant'

Foundation repositions tagline to spark a consumer movement to promote fruits and vegetables
PBH Have a Plant
Photograph courtesy of Produce For Better Health Foundation

The Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH) has revealed a new “Have a Plant” tagline in an effort to more effectively compel Americans to eat more fruits and vegetables for happier, healthier lives.

Designed to spark a consumer movement as a transformational approach to shifting fruit and vegetable behaviors, particularly among the foundation’s target millennials and Gen Z audience, Have a Plant replaces PBH’s long-standing “Fruits & Veggies–More Matters” public education program. Officials from Brentwood, Mo.-based PBH explained that the new message stems from extensive consumer research and behavioral science to tap into consumers’ emotional food drivers by speaking directly to the essence of what all fruits and vegetables are, which, of course, is plants.

“If we want Americans to eat more fruits and vegetables, we need to engage them in relevant ways that align with how they are living in today’s rapidly changing, digital world,” PBH President and CEO Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak said in a release. “That’s why Have a Plant rallies around putting an end to prescriptive recommendations to eat a certain amount of fruits and vegetables each day and, instead, fires consumers up with actionable, realistic and fun steps to connect eating fruits and vegetables with feeling happier and healthier. And with more people trying to enjoy plant-packed meals more often, Have a Plant reminds them that all fruits and vegetables are delicious, nutrient-rich plants.”

PBH is launching Have a Plant with a comprehensive, consumer-driven suite of resources to support the allied produce industry’s quest to help Americans increase their fruit and vegetable consumption and meet the requirements of the federal dietary guidance, such as MyPlate, which recommends consumers make half of their plate fruits and vegetables. In addition to a new PBH Foundation logo and refreshed vision and mission, the new Have a Plant’s key consumer call-to-action components include:

Comprehensive Digital Ecosystem and Integrated Content Strategy

A visually stimulating and highly intuitive and interactive website,, will feature a repository of information for consumers along with numerous resources for industry members and influencers.

have a plant

Photograph courtesy of Produce for Better Health Foundation

With more than 1 million Facebook followers, PBH is tuned into the power of digital and social media. It’s also refreshed its e-newsletters and social channels with improved content and images to answer consumers’ call for relevant information to make shopping for, preparing and eating fruits and vegetables easier and more enjoyable.

Expanded and Elite Influencer Network

PBH has created a new elite network of 16 Fruit & Vegetable Ambassadors in Action, comprised of registered dietitians, chefs, lifestyle experts and sports nutrition and fitness gurus to offer consumers actionable, no-nonsense advice about enjoying more fruits and vegetables every single day.

Enhanced Research and Thought Leadership

PBH will continue to support food, nutrition and behavioral research and consumer insights and will further elevate its existing efforts with critical supply chain stakeholders, health and wellness professionals and industry thought leaders to help spread the word about Have a Plant and its mission to increase Americans’ fruit and vegetable consumption.

“The Produce for Better Health Foundation dares to inspire change and collaboration as well as push boundaries within the produce industry and beyond, to bring fruits and vegetables to the center of the plate when it comes to the plant-centric dialogue,” said Reinhardt Kapsak. “Our direct line to information-seeking influencers and consumers, as well as our insights into their habits and desires, drove us to create a lasting, behavioral science-backed movement, which will allow us to authentically and credibly advocate for healthier, happier lives by enjoying all types of fruits and vegetables every single day.”

More information about Have a Plant can be found here.


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