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Quiz: Is Your Store Naturally Appealing?

Photograph: Shutterstock

A growing number of shoppers are looking for better-for-you options in all departments, from the bakery to the produce aisle to the meat case. For some stores, it’s been a natural transition to offering these products, while other chains and independent locations haven’t fully caught up. Some of the top motivators for consumers purchasing meat include meat that’s from animals raised without antibiotics ever and added hormones*, meat that’s all natural** and meat coming from a vendor that prioritizes animal well-being. By not stocking these items, retailers could be leaving a lot of money on the table.

Take this quiz to find out where your store fits on this spectrum, from one that’s always at the forefront of new natural-food trends to one that should be considering the addition of natural and organic products.

*Federal Regulations prohibit the use of added hormones in poultry and pigs.

**Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.

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