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Recent Study Reveals Boost in Bagged Avocado Sales

Households that buy both bulk and bagged drive category
Hass Avocados
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Bagged avocados now make up more than a quarter of all avocado purchases, according to a recent study by the Hass Avocado Board (HAB) in Mission Viejo, Calif., which also found that purchases of bagged avocados have increased at three times the rate of bulk over a four-year period (2016-2019).

While bagged avocados are becoming more important to the category, 59% of avocado-purchasing households continue to purchase bulk avocados exclusively, and 9% purchase bagged avocados exclusively, HAB's study found. The study is available for free download.

In addition, consumers who purchase a combination of bulk and bagged avocados make up the remaining 32% of avocado-buying households. These “both” households drove 50% of all avocado purchases in 2019, up from 43% in 2016.

“It is becoming increasingly important for avocado marketers and retailers to consider their product offerings in this rapidly changing retail marketplace,” said Emiliano Escobedo, executive director of the HAB, in a statement. “Bulk avocados are an essential part of the category, but bagged avocados continue to drive growth.”

The study, based on household purchase data from the IRI Consumer Network, also includes key actions and opportunities for the industry to drive sales of Hass avocados and suggests that bagged avocados may be one way to attract the high-value or "super" avocado shopper. The study found that "super" avocado households were more likely than other households to purchase a combination of bulk and bagged avocados. In 2019, more than half of "super" households fell into the "both" household segment.

In addition to providing consolidated avocado supply and market data, the HAB conducts nutrition research and works to educate health professionals about the nutritional value of Hass avocados. 



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