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Retail Meal Solutions: How to Improve Consumer Meal Planning

Photograph courtesy of Tyson Fresh Meats

The meat industry has faced countless challenges throughout the pandemic. But suppliers worked hard to rise to the challenge. Many innovative meat solutions created in recent years came through in a pinch—meat solutions that help retailers overcome common challenges such as labor force shortages, shifting consumer preferences, changes to meat pricing and more.

Returning to in-person

The pandemic changed virtually everything in consumers’ daily lives. Returning to work and the “new normal,” while a relief to many, presents its own hurdles. Re-entering the daily grind of commuting to work and other responsibilities means consumers have even less time to put a meal on the table they’re proud to serve their family. But retailers have various meal solutions to help.

Case Ready

In a climate where available skilled labor, food safety regulations and consumer demands are constantly evolving, packaging solutions need to evolve as well.

Case Ready products offer:

  • Minimized product handling
  • No in-house trimming
  • Extended shelf life

It has several advantages:

  • Reduces time and labor
  • Since it is vacuum sealed, it reduces shrink and out of stocks and helps ensure freshness longevity
  • Mess-free, freezer ready, and consistent products every time

Portion cut products

By creating efficiencies in cutting, fabrication and portion control, Tyson Fresh Meats helps streamline processes and create high-value products.

Meat packing solutions

The packaging beef and pork comes in is just as important as the beef and pork itself. Packaging offers many benefits to help operations be more efficient.


Brick pack

  • Leakproof and freezer ready for no mess and added shopper convenience
  • Portioned in fixed weight packages to be recipe friendly
  • Compact design for easy stocking

Chub packaging

  • Leakproof and freezer ready for added shopper convenience
  • Multiple size and leanness options for meat case versatility and shopper appeal
  • Case ready packaged ground beef to reduce out of stocks

Overwrap mother bag packaging

  • Extended shelf life reduces shrink and out of stocks
  • Airtight mother bag seal for fresh, ready to stock product that appeals to shoppers
  • Eliminates oxidation for optimal bloom and color
  • Loaves and patties available for flexible product offering

Seasoned and marinated products

  • Scientifically formulated flavor blends combined with quality protein provide consumers with convenient and consistently flavorful seasoned meat
  • Multiple flavor formulations available to ensure ample variety for consumers and shopper preference
  • Enhanced product tenderness to increase preparation ease and provide a better eating experience for consumers

Products for any challenge

Case ready variety meats

  • Fresh or frozen product for merchandising versatility
  • 28-day shelf life to reduce waste
  • Federally inspected raw material and finished product to ensure product confidence and consistent quality

Retailers and their partners continue to pivot to stay relevant and keep up with industry and consumer trends. Offering meal solutions can help keep the meat case competitive and relevant to what consumers need both today and tomorrow.

This post is sponsored by Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc.


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