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Weight Watchers Fresh Meals Expand Product Line

Greencore USA announces the growth of the Weight Watchers Fresh Meals product line. “In November, we will add five new meals to the current thirteen entrées in our Weight Watchers line of fresh, portion-controlled, chilled prepared meals.  The meals have been extremely well received and through our research we have identified that consumers are actively searching out new flavors and meals options, especially when they use our meals as part of their weekly routine,” says Mr. Chris Solly, VP Licensed Brands at Greencore USA. Three of the new meals are new to the segment: Wild Alaskan Salmon Filet with chopped tomatoes on brown rice; Beef Steak Tips with redskin potatoes, vegetables and gravy; and a Southwestern Style Turkey Chili. “Two of these meals, Wild Alaskan Salmon Filet and Beef Steak Tips, represent a broadening of the product line into a more premium meal offering.  While currently all Weight Watchers Fresh Meals retail at around $2.99, the Salmon and Steak Tips meals will be offered at a higher price point of closer to $5.00.  We see these as more of a premium ‘menu item’ versus the existing range of convenient entrées.” Research also showed that customers were interested in the addition of Chinese and Asian meal options.  Weight Watchers has responded by adding Chicken Teriyaki & brown rice, and Chicken Curry & brown rice to the product line, also debuting in November. New Fresh Weight Watchers Mealsby Greencore USA www.greencore.ie


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