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Fresh Food

Is consumer appetite for plant-based meat waning?

The market for processed plant-based meat alternatives is shrinking, according to new research and purchasing data.

Fresh Food

How the grocery industry plans to make Biden’s hunger-ending goal a reality

The White House on Wednesday hosted its first conference on hunger, nutrition and health in 50 years. Here’s how retailers, industry associations and others responded to the president’s ambitious plan to end hunger by 2030.

A new report reveals that 75% of consumers believe that food is the best medicine.

Less than a year after its formation, the International Fresh Produce Association readies for its massive annual event.

How case ready can help fill online carts Anyone who works for a grocery retailer knows that while online purchasing is increasing, not all areas of the store are benefiting equally. Online sho...

Organic and specialty foods distributor United Natural Foods Inc. hailed it as a win not only for organic farmers, but for consumers as well.

Even as consumers feel the pinch of inflation, they haven’t backed away from premium brands. One place where they are willing to splurge is at the meat case.

The discounter is now selling popular fruits and vegetables at 10 stores in Little Rock, as it works toward its goal of 3,000 stores with fresh food by the end of the year.

The partnership with the Flashfood app lets shoppers buy reduced-price food nearing its best-by date, potentially saving it from the landfill.

Shoppers are seeking ways to break up the monotony in their meat purchases, and for retailers, consumers trying new cuts, cooking styles and flavors at home offers an opportunity to expand sales in the meat section.

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