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Fresh Food

Price Over Appearance: What Shoppers Now Want Most in Produce

As fresh fruit prices soar, FMI's 2022 Power of Produce report finds a plurality of consumers now saying price is their No. 1 factor when making produce purchasing decisions.

Fresh Food

In a Private-Label Refresh, SpartanNash Revamps Its 'Our Family' Cheeses

Cheese products in the company's popular private-label line get new formulations and fresh packaging that lets shoppers scan a QR code to access a recipe featuring the product.

Strawberry fields forever: A New York-based vertical farming company has acquired computer-vision and robotics specialist Traptic as it seeks to apply smart technology to commercial fruit production.

Consumers made more meals at home as inflation and surging COVID-19 cases (and winter) only boosted at-home dining's appeal, IRI's latest shopper survey suggests.

After a brief cooling in December, final-demand food prices rose 1.6% month over month and were up nearly 13% year over year in January.

"We have a very aggressive rollout strategy," COO Austin Martin says, "and we believe that being first is important in having access to the deep equity markets here."

The Rockingham, Va.-based company to build a soil-based controlled environment farm in the Seattle area—the second of eight new facilities planned.

Higher prices in the store perimeter are driving basket changes, Symphony Retail AI finds.

Users of the Too Good To Go app can sign up to receive a "Surprise Bag" from grocers containing surplus baked goods, prepared foods, produce and more at one-third of the retail price of the items.

Meat's more expensive, but consumers can still make a satisfying sandwich. Here's where deli is standing out.

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