Fresh Food

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Fresh Food

Reinventing the Deli to Recoup Lost Sales Amid Retail Foodservice Closures

Supermarkets have seen unprecedented increases in sales since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fresh Food

Pandemic Panic-Buying Trends in the Produce Section

Organic fruits and vegetables saw a huge spike in sales—followed by a tapering.

The Lempert Report: "It is time to learn how to produce food near to you," says Cherrie Atilano of Agrea.

Market research conducted by state and national fresh fruit associations can be used by retailers to significantly boost grape and other fresh produce sales.

Since the pandemic shopping began, dollar and volume growth have both been in the double digits compared to last year.

According to a new report from C+R Research, 60% of American consumers are afraid to shop at grocery stores due to the coronavirus and the health risks associated with it.

As retailers deal with uncertain levels of demand, keeping products fresh and efficiently removing expired items from shelves can require extra attention.

The Lempert Report: Bumble Bee CEO Jan Tharp joins Phil Lempert for a Q&A on a new commitment to sustainability.

Sales saw a 13% increase over last year in the last week of May.

During the last week of May, the meat supply remained tight but that did not affect demand, which was still high.

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