What’s the best part of your job?

Even after 24 years with H-E-B, I still pinch myself every so often that I get to serve such a special organization. The best part of my job? H-E-B trusts me to be the CEO of my desk complete with “amnesty to fail.” Collaborating with fellow partners and suppliers to “risk it for the biscuit” and deliver year-over-year sales and share growth is just the best.

What inspires your leadership approach?

I work with an amazingly talented, diverse and intelligent group of H-E-B Partners that inspires me to put my best leadership foot forward each and every day. In turn, my goal is to treat others the way they—not I—want to be treated. Allowing the team the freedom to express innovation and creativity helps them to build their own business skills and confidence. There is nothing I love more than seeing a partner I helped mentor grow into their own leadership role at H-E-B.

What do you cherish most about being a part of the industry?

No matter the category, the industry is always changing and evolving, and it keeps me on my toes to be sure H-E-B is at the forefront of innovation in the categories I manage. More importantly, I cherish the connections I’ve established in many areas of the industry throughout the years. At the end of the day, true success is about people and relationships—all of us working together to deliver a world-class shopping experience.