What’s the best part of your job?

There are many areas of the job I truly enjoy. The people, the competition and the opportunity to think and create new ways to improve and drive engagement are some key factors as to why I enjoy my job. The day-to-day conversations, the “always learning” and the ever-changing customer landscape provides a healthy challenging aspect to the daily role. Being able to react with an entrepreneurial spirit also drives me to support Wakefern and our owners. The constant challenge to cycle “yourself” provides a natural motivation which tends to lead to great ideas. Also providing insight to support your team and watching them execute is extremely rewarding whether you win or lose.

What inspires your leadership approach?

I appreciate the coaching approach and managing by walking around. I enjoy the conversation and listening to the dialogue and how individuals approach situations while providing any support I can. Coaching my kids and also growing up in and around sports, I have learned a lot from leaders throughout my life. With talented associates with new ideas along with a change in “how we work,” leaders must adapt and be more flexible than ever.

What do you cherish most about being a part of the industry?

I appreciate the opportunity to bring ideas to the table while listening to the vast experiences shared across the board. There is a wealth of knowledge, and learning by listening brings forth great ideas. Sharing your own insights with industry leaders and comparing notes is something I appreciate. Knowing what you do in your own backyard is a given but having the opportunity to talk and engage with professionals across the board is extremely rewarding. It allows that moment to challenge yourself while learning all the great programs and execution happening within the industry. There is no better time to be in this industry than now (my opinion, of course) and having the open dialogue through GMDC helps make how we navigate what’s next a little easier.