GMDC 2020 Champions of Change

GMDC 2020 Champions of Change

Greg Younger

Every day is something different. You would think by now I would have seen or experienced it all, but change is constant in the industry.

GMDC 2020 Champions of Change

Denny Belcastro

During my career, I have had the opportunity to engage broadly and network within the industry with customer executives while helping to shape my company’s collaborative initiatives to grow our mutual business.

Coaching and developing leaders, teams and organizations to achieve their highest potential and surpass their goals is what I cherish most about our work.

The best part of my job is bringing each project to fruition, which only occurs through teamwork and collaboration with the many individuals I work with on a daily basis.

There are many, many things about my role that I enjoy, but if I had to choose one, it would be the broad scope of my customer responsibilities.

I’m a problem-solver by nature, and I’ve always enjoyed helping others. Every customer brings something different to the table in terms of challenges.

I get satisfaction in working with the member-owners of Topco Associates LLC in developing solutions that provide quality products and high value for their shoppers.

The people. Innovation is a great space because it can involve entirely new and different possibilities.

The opportunity to work closely with internal and external customers to build out a well-thought strategic plan of action and to implement and execute against

Constant change is a given, so keeping up with the latest trends and innovations is very challenging and rewarding.

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