What’s the best part of your job?

I thoroughly enjoy connecting with other thought leaders and thought-leading organizations. There are amazing developments occurring across our industry—meeting those who are making a difference and inventing the future of retail is invigorating. It has been an honor and privilege to share my own insights, ideas and predictions from the lectern on a variety of stages throughout my 27 years in the business.

What inspires your leadership approach?

Curiosity. There is always something new to learn and exciting to discover. My father characterized this best when often saying, “I have ideas I haven’t even thought of yet.” As a big thinker, I like to encourage others to challenge traditional thinking, stretch their imaginations and dream.

What do you cherish most about being a part of the industry?

Cherish is a terrific word. It’s the people in this industry and the incredible friendships I’ve developed through the years. I’ve certainly been blessed working with such talent through the years—and having the opportunity to call them treasured friends.