What’s the best part of your job?

The people I work with every day. I have known some of my team members for over 30 years. Do you know how fortunate I am to be able to say I have been on the same team with really uplifting people for over three decades? I am truly thankful. 

What inspires your leadership approach?

Twenty years ago I made a mistake by not asking the right questions of an associate who was under tremendous stress. My unwillingness to slow down and listen almost cost the company a valuable employee. I draw on that experience almost daily as a reminder that the time and attention I pay to others is critical to our collective success.

What do you cherish most about being a part of the industry?

No two days are ever the same. It is never dull, it is never not challenging, and it is never not exciting. There are not a ton of industries that afford employees so many different opportunities.