What’s the best part of your job?

Helping others reframe what they think is possible to achieve, then igniting the spark that empowers them to think bigger and challenge the status quo. Challenging the threshold of my own capabilities is what drove my success in creating EarthKind [and] being able to empower others to achieve more is not only rewarding and fun, it’s a great honor and privilege. 

What inspires your leadership approach?

Compassion, innovation, excellence and faith all inspire and shape not only my leadership approach but also EarthKind’s company values. We’ve found that these values balance each other, keeping us competitive and driven with No. 1 rated products and growth, while at the same time fostering a cooperative, diverse and inclusive environment to be a No. 1 rated place to work. At EarthKind, we seek to maintain a 20% handi-capable workforce and operate within a 2% carbon footprint. 

What do you cherish most about being a part of the industry?

I love collectively growing business with customer-obsessed retail partners. That human element is a big part of what makes our brand and company what it is today. Retailers are heroes to us, because of all they do to serve their customers and communities. I built our business model around these heroes, driving thousands of people a week to their stores to purchase the EarthKind brands. I knew our end users would be well taken care of and that our brands would have a quality chain of command, unlike most online retail models that take the human element out and don’t respect regulatory laws. This partnership has been what has progressed us toward our goal of reducing the percent of toxic pesticides purchased (from 98% to 90%) through innovation, education and a sense of purpose. A healthy pest category in every way is change we can all cherish.