Originally from a small town in northern Minnesota, Tina Steichen is a self-taught cake artist. Her love of cake decorating started at a young age in her mother’s kitchen. Her father, a rugged Minnesota miner, could pipe the perfect rose, and her quest to pipe an even better one was set. A combination of natural talent and dedication to the art sparked her professional drive, and after years of cake decorating for friends and family, Steichen decided to merge her passion into her profession and began working for Super Target, where she mentored other budding cake artists. Having shared her treats and talents with customers and colleagues throughout her 26-year career, Steichen enjoys her role designing cakes and filming instructional videos as the DecoDesign manager at the Anoka, Minn.-based DecoPac Inc., which is one of the world’s largest suppliers of decorations and inspiration to professional cake decorators and bakeries globally.