What’s the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Creating new ideas and bringing the newest trends to our customers is the most rewarding aspect of my job, as well as building relationships with our customers and fulfilling their vision of entertaining from holidays to birthday parties knowing that they have confidence in you to fulfill or exceed their expectations.

What inspires your leadership approach?

My team of cheesemongers inspires me; they are so passionate and eager to learn. I am a hands-on person and spend time in the stores mentoring my team to become ACS (American Cheese Society) Certified Cheese Professionals. Education is the foundation in reaching their goals as well as the company’s goals. Knowledge gives them self-esteem, self-confidence and the ability to be more creative in their positions.

What do you value most about being a part of the grocery business?

I value being part of a community the most. The grocery business is a very close group of people in which we all work together to bring food to our communities. We participate in community events for schools, city councils, various walks to raise awareness and wine and food festivals. It is a satisfying feeling to support and get to know our surrounding communities.

Favorite food?

Casual: a couple of slices of prosciutto, two to three wedges of artisanal cheese, a crunchy baguette with fruit and a glass of wine.