What’s the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Creating and nourishing international relationships and networks is the most rewarding aspect of my job. Through domestic and international travel, I have the opportunity to meet many unique people and learn what they and their companies stand for and what motivates them in this world. Meeting and connecting with so many interesting parties always makes me appreciate what an exciting, creative and wonderful world we live in.

What inspires your leadership approach?

I have a sign at the entry of my home that reflects my way of thinking and problem-solving: “If nothing goes right, go left.” One needs to look in all directions and consider the bigger picture, and sometimes a solution requires creativity and involvement from areas “outside the box.” Hence, it is important to connect with diverse people and communities in order to gain input and resources from all angles possible.

What do you value most about being a part of the grocery business?

The sense of community this industry provides is outstanding. People care for each other and show responsibility and pride. No matter if competitor, supplier, partner or other, support for the industry as a whole and a feeling of belonging can be found everywhere.

Favorite food?

Blue cheese brie sliders, coconut lemon shrimp, and hazelnut chocolate for dessert.