IDDBA 2020 Champions of Change

IDDBA 2020 Champions of Change

Leslie Fleck

Creating and nourishing international relationships and networks is the most rewarding aspect of my job.

IDDBA 2020 Champions of Change

Sonya Heydt

Being able to create and implement new programs and trends with my team. Seeing a successful finished program that makes the products more exciting is the greatest reward.

The most rewarding aspect of my job is to improve the business of our store owners.

The talented individuals profiled herein were chosen from nominations submitted on their behalf via an open call for champions in early 2020 in three categories: Champion Department Manager, Emerging Champion and Legendary Champion.

The most rewarding part of my job is the excitement and happiness from our guests when we go above and beyond to create something special for them.

Teaching. When asked by many how to close down a negotiation, resolve an issue or address a concern, it’s rewarding to me to even be asked for my guidance, but more important, it’s rewarding to see/read how they accomplished the end goal by taking my advice.

I am surrounded by an amazing team. Waking up each day to see the great results our team drives for our farmer owners is both rewarding and inspiring.

I entered the grocery/in-store bakery business in 1972 as a baker’s apprentice at Angelo’s Supermarkets, South Shore-Cape Cod, Mass., and have been delighting consumers all over North America with bakery products ever since.

Providing creative solutions to retailers’ challenges and working with the industry’s most innovative product lines. It is always exciting to see a new product hit the shelves.

Being a small part of an extraordinary industry that feeds this nation with the consumer barely noticing or understanding the complexity.

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