IDDBA 2020 Champions of Change

IDDBA 2020 Champions of Change

John Hillyard

Moving forward. Every day I wake up and think of ways to move our business forward. I know companies look at comp numbers—this year vs last year—but I look for ways to “beat yesterday.” With this mentality, I never have to worry about last year’s sales. 

IDDBA 2020 Champions of Change

Steven Snitkin

Seeing the success of the associates after we install the SelfCookingCenter, [from] the time they save cooking throughout the day to the self-cleaning [that] makes for an easy end of the day.

Over the years, we’ve heard from individuals who’ve made our meats a part of their special life events and celebrations—courtship, weddings, birthdays, birth events.

The most rewarding aspect of my job are the people. From my colleagues to the vendors, from the chefs to the customers, everyone has such an appetite for what they do, make, create and eat.

Seeing the smiles on the faces of the customers—both retail and end-use customers. After developing new flavors, it is gratifying to have others get enjoyment from it.

The grocery business is and always has been a people business. Information, data, products, trends, etc. will always change our direction and decisions, but the interaction of people will always exist.

Forager is the 12th startup I’ve created, led or worked for, and I’ve learned so very much, including creating something from the ether and seeing it come to fruition to change people’s lives is so rewarding; finding and hiring great people means looking not just for talent but also for moral fortitude, passion, selflessness and dedication; and fulfilling on the mission is the main reward, which, for Forager, that means making a big impact to help rebuild our local food system—so vital now during the [coronavirus] pandemic crisis.

Building relationships with our retail partners to provide the best assortment of specialty cheese for the consumers at the store level.

Customers. Every category decision I make has our customers in mind—always. What is more rewarding than giving other people what they want?

Creating and nourishing international relationships and networks is the most rewarding aspect of my job.

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