IDDBA 2021 Champions of Change

IDDBA 2021 Champions of Change

Violet Degnan

I love engaging with our consumers and hearing about their signature recipes, favorite food memories and family traditions. Whether out-of-home experiential activations or simply sharing recipes on social media, I love to open that dialogue and drive consumer excitement about our brands.

IDDBA 2021 Champions of Change

Dustin Humpherys

I love the bakery industry. The most rewarding aspect is the ability to marry my passion for baking with a career that supports my family. I have always loved baking and relish the ability to work on developing high-quality bakery products that delight consumers of all ages. 

Knowing that I’m trusted to make the important decisions for my categories and seeing the final outcome from them.

The most rewarding aspect of my job is finding ways to improve the work experience for our associates. I believe that improving the work experience for associates helps them to feel supported and valued, which in turn allows them to provide excellent customer service and deliver high-quality products. I also really enjoy mentoring small startup food companies in all their phases, from ideation to bringing the product to market and then growing their brand.

The most rewarding aspect of my job is witnessing the success of an associate in which I coached, mentored and/or had a part in leading them to his/her success.

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