What inspires your leadership approach?

I have always strived to be like some amazing teachers and bosses that I have had over the years. I had a store director, Don Morrison, take me under his wing and push me really hard to keep advancing. One of the major things that he taught me was to lead by example—always be kind, always try to be understanding, treat everyone with respect and always try to find the right position for someone. I had a deli operations specialist, Kelly Malone, that taught me to identify talent in those working for me and help develop them. I try my best to model myself after these great qualities that my mentors had and lead in the same way. 

How would you define a Champion of Change?

I believe a Champion of Change is someone who continues to push for excellence, even during tough times. Working with the people they are leading to teach, coach and guide them in the right direction. A Champion of Change is someone with the ability to think quickly on their feet and then rally their team to reach a goal, helping each other along the way.

Favorite food: Cheese.